Monday, March 19, 2012

Smith Places Second at French Contest

On Saturday, March 3, 35 Smith students were among over 700 who participated in the North Texas Fête Française. It was the largest and most competitive contest in the history of the event. Newman Smith took second place sweepstakes for the second year in a row.

JJ Echaniz and Mariel Flores placed first and second individually overall. Zach Burnley placed second in North Texas level 3. JJ is a repeat champion who defended his first place overall rank from last year whihc is another first in contest history.

  • Smith: 2nd place Sweepstakes 
  • Awards: Individual students ranking in North Texas: 
  • Level 4 Overall 1st place JJ Echaniz 
  • Level 4 Overall 2nd place Mariel Flores 
  • Level 3 Overall 2nd place Zach Burnley 
Students placing:
  • Loya, Krystal Other dance 3rd place 
  • Felix, Katy Other dance 3rd place 
  • JJ Echaniz, Flores Mariel, Gamboa Andrea Dramatic Scene Level 4 1st place 
  • Davila Carlos, Burnley Zach, Gorman Blake Dramatic Scene Level 3 1st place 
  • Loya, Krystal Memorized Prose Level 3 2nd place 
  • Contreras, Vicki Sight Reading Level 1 1st place 
  • Puckett, Ellyn Memorized Prose Level 1 1st place 
  • Echaniz, JJ Sight Reading Level 4 1st place 
  • Echaniz, JJ Guided Speaking Level 4 1st place 
  • Echaniz, JJ Read Poetry Level 4 1st place 
  • Alarcon, Lili Read Prose Level 3 2nd place 
  • Alarcon, Lili Sight Reading Level 3 3rd place 
  • Naon, Brittany Read Poetry level 2 1st place 
  • Burnley, Zack Memorized Poetry Level 3 1st place 
  • Candido, Maria Memorized Prose Level 4 3rd place 
  • Flores, Mariel Memorized Prose Level 4 1st place 
  • Lay, Claudia Read Poetry Level 1 2nd place 
  • Hahn, Elizabeth Read Poetry Level 1 3rd place 
  • Acosta, Nelson Sight Reading Level 1 2nd place 
  • Rodriguez, Raquel Folk& Pop song 2nd place 
  • Rodriguez, Raquel Memorized Poetry Level 4 2nd place 
  • Oppliger, Taelor Read Poetry Level 3 2nd place 
  • Montenegro, Gabriela Memorized Prose Level 3 1st place 
  • Gamboa, Ashley Mardi Gras Mask 1st place 
  • Collazo, Yessenia Memorized Prose Level 2 2nd place 
  • Mazuera, Santiago Memorized Prose Level 1 2nd place 
  • Colorado, Jorge Read Prose Level 1 1st place 
  • Gamboa, Andrea Read Prose Level 4 3rd place

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