Monday, March 5, 2012

Creekview Speech Named State Champions

The Creekview Mustang Speech Team was named State Champion and Winner of Sweepstakes at Texas Forensics Association (TFA) State Tournament. Of the 205 schools in competition at the meet, Creekview placed first overall in sweepstakes. Creekview had 16 quarterfinalists, 13 semifinalists, and nine placing state finalists. Placing finalists were as follows:
  • Jean-Claude Prudhomme- Congress 12th 
  • Patrick Lyons- Original Oratory 6th 
  • Mitchell Ferguson & Maddie Wright- Duet Acting 5th 
  • Hanna Walker- Poetry 4th 
  • Mitchell Ferguson- Humorous Interp 4th 
  • Michael Ferguson- Dramatic Interp 3rd 
  • Michael Ferguson- Humorous Interp 2nd 
  • Kevin King & Michael Ferguson- Duo Interp 2nd 
  • Kevin King- Original Oratory 2nd

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