Monday, March 26, 2012

Creekview Academic UIL Winners

The following Creekview students placed in the UIL Academic District Competition and those with * are advancing to the Regional Competition April 21:
 Literary Criticism (1st place team advances to Regionals)
* Sunena Dahlvani (3rd)
* Jeremy Dowell (4th)
* Anastasia Frolova (6th)

Jeremy Dowell (5th)

Spelling and Vocabulary (1st place team advances to Regionals)
* Josh Cho (1st)
* Kim Phan (3rd)

Ready Writing
Elaine Landi (5th)
Kim Phan (6th)

Persuasive Speaking
Jean Claude Prudhomme (6th)

Prose Interpretation
* Kevin King (2nd)

Poetry Interpretation
* Mitchell Ferguson (2nd)
Michael Ferguson (4th)

Second Place Journalism Team
News Writing
* Emily Farris (3rd)
Allison Price (6th)

Feature Writing
* Allison Price (3rd)
Emily Farris (5th)

Editorial Writing
Emily Farris (5th)

Headline Writing
* Emily Farris (2nd)

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