Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Art Contest Winners

The 8th Annual Healthy Lifestyle Art Contest was held recently.  Artwork for the Healthy Lifestyles Contest is generated through help of the Art teachers in their classes in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD. The students are encouraged to use the quote provided in the rules and the creative incentive through study and understanding of healthy lifestyles. The quote this year was, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -Anne Frank 
The following students placed in the art contest:

Last Name First Name Grade School Award
Hartzog Jayda 3 Blanton 1st
Sefidi Anies 3 Blanton 2nd
Tagnon Thibaut 3 McCoy 3rd
Hawkins Conall 3 McCoy 4th
Coreas Vanessa 4 Farmers Br. 1st
Canales Sophia 4 McCoy 2nd
Reuter Reagan 4 McCoy 3rd
Mehta Anusha 4 McCoy 4th
Avila Edgar 5 Farmers Br. 1st
Wen Anthony 5 Rosemeade 2nd
Tagnon Clotilde 6 Perry 1st
Sath Pathtreena 6 Polk 2nd
Walker Amanda 6 Polk 3rd
Zimmerman Melanie 6 Polk 4th
McIntyre Chris 7 Polk 1st
Le Sandy 7 Polk 2nd
Alvarez Morgan 7 Polk 3rd
Whitehead Hannah 7 Polk 4th
Sap Corina 8 Polk 1st
Huynh Jimmy 8 Polk 2nd
Hood Cali 8 Polk 3rd
Carrara Kaitlyn 8 Polk 4th
Le Vien 9 CHS 1st
Jiang Zhexin 9 CHS 2nd
Alexander Sarah 9 CHS 3rd
Resendiz Cristian 9 CHS 4th
Nguyen Phuong 10 NSHS 1st
Saenz Summer 10 CHS 2nd
Zumaya Jessica 10 CHS 3rd
Gonzalez Claudia 10 CHS 4th
Tran Michelle 11 CHS 1st
Hill Bianca 11 NSHS 2nd
Li Minhua 11 CHS 3rd
Peña-Alfaro Nathan 11 CHS 4th

Esquivel-Oliveros Alejandro 12             CHS          $500                
Thomas Tinika 12 CHS          $400
Tran Trang 12 CHS          $300
Trigg Kasie 12 CHS          $200

Contest Sponsors:
Dallas Medical Center
The Ratliff Group
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Bolte
Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce

In-Kind Sponsors:
City of Farmers Branch
Asel Arts

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