Thursday, July 25, 2013

C-FB Teacher Goes the Extra Mile to Improve Math Skills

McCoy Elementary teacher, Maral Aznavour, doesn't let budget constraints keep her from helping her students that need a little extra time. The district's financial decision to not have summer school for 3rd grade students this year meant a handful of her kids were not going to get what she felt they really needed to prepare them for the next year. Fearing they would fall behind, she approached her principal, Dawn Rink, with a proposal she hoped would make a difference. She offered to hold a McCoy 3rd Grade Math Camp for 18 selected students on her own time. Mrs. Aznavour generously volunteered to hold "camp" two hours a day for two weeks. She also invited four former McCoy students, now in middle school, to help mentor these students as camp counselors.

Mrs. Aznavour is a shining example of C-FB ISD's stellar staff and commitment to our district goal of high achievement for all students.

"Mrs. Aznavour moved here from Lebanon with a teaching degree from American University of Beirut. After arriving in the US, she then had to take on the task of becoming certified in this country, and in another state. She is a citizen of this country by choice, and she will tell you that it is an honor and a privilege to be an American Citizen.  Mrs. Aznavour has a passion for teaching that doesn’t end. For Maral, teaching happens everywhere. At lunch, students are given math problems involving their food. Sometimes students are tutored during what should be Maral’s lunch! Field trip bus rides are opportunities for teaching more math and language arts. Students know that she expects their very best effort. She is first to volunteer to teach double tutorials, Saturday school, summer school and Armenian school. Maral possesses enough energy for two people. It could be because of her passion for Armenian folk dancing! She is a tremendous asset to McCoy!" - Dawn Rink, McCoy Principal

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