Tuesday, July 2, 2013

C-FB ISD’s District Report Card – Made Plain and Simple

C-FB ISD uses an outside, independent firm called Education Resource Group (ERG) to assess our achievement. ERG ranks every school district in Texas using three key measures. They are:

  • Academic achievement is measured by the Academic Performance Index or API
  • Financial efficiency is measured by the Financial Performance Index or FPI
  • Together the API and FPI are used to measure overall performance of a district measuring both achievement and financial efficiency with the Education Productivity Index or EPI
So how does C-FB rank?

Our API (academic performance) is 7. Out of the 200 largest school districts in Texas*, we have the 7th best academic performance.

Our FPI (financial efficiency) is 41. Out of the 200 largest school districts in Texas, we outperform 139 others in the area of using our money effectively and efficiently.

Our EPI (academic and financial rankings together) is 6. But how did we get to six? Well, of the 6 other districts ahead of us in academic performance, some of them spend more than us and are less efficient with their resources. Therefore, when you put the academic (API) and financial (FPI) piece together, we move up to six.


There it is – the school district’s report card made plain and simple.

*The 200 largest districts in Texas educate over 80% of the children in Texas.

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