Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Newman Smith DECA Wins Big at State

Newman Smith DECA took 50 students to the state competition in Corpus Christi.  The following students will advance to international competition in Anaheim, California in April:

Shivam Patel - Accounting Applications
John Rahlfs - Business Finance
Ben Rice - Business Services Marketing
Phoebe Mizuno - Entrepreneurship Written Project
Sierra Sailer - Entrepreneurship Written Project
Anthony Obiedo - Financial Services
Pablo Ortiz - Financial Services
Cynthia Herrera - Hospitality Services
Saidy Servin - Hospitality Services
Maureen Genov - Travel and Tourism
Erica Lara - Travel and Tourism
Paulina Herran - Travel and Tourism
Blaire McClure - Travel and Tourism

Jaida George
Radhika Shah
Mikey Babick
Alex MacElvanie
Kat Benecke
Heip Nguyen
Breanna Huynh
Karen Pedraza

Newman Smith DECA advisors are Jackie Hopkins, Lola Walker, Linda Hicks and Kathi Long and Kathy Holdge

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